Wafer Paper Sails Tutorial

Wafer Paper Sails Tutorial

Wafer paper sails add a unique, modern, organic touch to your cake decor. They are very easy to make, are versatile, and can be colored to be any color in the spectrum! Up your cake game and impress your clients with this fun and very satisfying technique! 

What you will need:

-Wafer Paper (rice paper can be used as well)

-Tooth picks

-Silicone Mat



-Paint brush

-Clothes pins or binder clips

-Optional: gel food color, everclear or vodka, lustre dust


Steps for Creating Wafer Paper Sails


Cut organic, free flowing shapes out of your wafer paper. I like to leave a little square end where I will attach my toothpick. Create various sizes of sails!


Take your paintbrush and dip in water. Add a light coat of water to both sides of your wafer paper sail. Do not add too much or the wafer paper will turn to mush! You want to add enough to where the wafer paper is just pliable.


At this point you will use your toothpick and wrap the base of your sail around it. The wet wafer paper will create its own adhesive to the toothpick, so just wrap it around and leave it be!

Now, pick up your sail and decoratively place it into whatever shape you want
it to be on your silicone mat. Give it some nice folds and wrinkles; there is no wrong answer here!

To create a more 3d and organic shape, pinch your silicone mat in various places to create an uneven surface beneath your sail; once again there is no wrong answer! You can fit as many sails onto your silicone mat that you want.

Allow the sails to completely dry. I usually leave mine to dry overnight, however you will be able to see when they are dry because they will actually pull away from the silicon mat.


At this point, you can either leave them as is, or you can go a step further and use a little gel color and ever clear and paint your sails. I like to add a gold or silver trim to the edges for an elegant touch. 

And there you have it! A beautiful chic and modern way to decorate your cakes! 


Let me know your best tips, or share your masterpieces with me below! 



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